On most cruises, once the ship docks in port, guests are either free to make their own way for the hours docked or can elect to purchase various excursion options offered by the cruise line. In the case of this program Jazz Cruises, the producer of Journey of Jazz ‘25, has undertaken to develop and curate various excursion options that you can enjoy that both enhance and embrace your love of jazz and the jazz experience and lifestyle.

On Saturday, September 13, 2025, Journey of Jazz ’25 will be spending an incredible day in Victoria, B.C. where we will be offering an assortment of once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

On Tuesday, September 16, and Wednesday, September 17, 2025, Journey of Jazz ’25 will be spending two incredible days in San Francisco where we will be offering an assortment of once-in-a-lifetime excursions. While in San Francisco, Journey of Jazz ’25 will present the customary amazing concerts and shows that Jazz Cruises has produced for 25 years. However, each day, guests will have several excursion or event options which they can reserve.

In creating these excursions and events, Jazz Cruises has retained the services of several experts in the field. As you peruse the various options, those involved in the process will be identified. Also, please know that to ensure that the prices for these excursions are as low as possible, Jazz Cruises will not receive any compensation or reimbursement for any of its costs for designing and executing the events. Further, to the extent possible, representatives of Jazz Cruises will be present at the events, again without compensation from the sale of tickets or fees.

Of course, guests are welcome to set their own pace and spend the time as they wish. Further, there are several established tours and events that our guests may select. What is different about our visit as compared to a typical stop in San Francisco are the Special Events/Excursions that Jazz Cruises has created and will produce.

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